Company Profile

We, Inter melamine Co., Ltd., are leading manufacturer and one of high quality melamine products in tableware almost 20 years in Thailand 
such as plate, cup, saucer, bowl, ladle, mug, tumbler, spoon, and etc.

          Our products can be used with confidence for every meal due to scratch resistant, non-toxic, safe, high temperature, thickness, 
and quality of the durable material that we select the best.

          Our pattern designs are combined beauty, elegance, usability and durability. Therefore, our products are trusted from famous 
department stores, restaurants, and homes.          

Features of Inter melamine product

  • Durability to broken.
  • Durability to high temperature 125  ํC or 257  ํF
  • Easy to clean by hand or automatic washer.
  • No affectation to any chemicals.
  • No lead and poison on pattern design.
  • Glitter is like ceramic tile.

Approved by Japan High Polymer Center And The Standards Mark on Industrial Products